Bacardi Dahlia
Bacardi Dahlia
Bacardi Dahlia
Bacardi Dahlia
Bacardi Dahlia
Bacardi Dahlia
Dahlia Tuber Clump

Bacardi Dahlia

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Bacardi Dahlia (Pre-Order)

Bacardi features delicate dusty rose petals and a deep rasberryl center. Look for warm brushstrokes at the base of the petals. Stunning in a vase! One of our Favorites for 2024. We are leaning into muted Berry tones with Vintage Vibes. Consider Muchacha, Senior’s Hope, Bacardi, Seduction and Night Silence, Creme de Cassis and Creme de Cognac for your cocktail cutting garden. 

  • Quantity: 1 Tuber clump per order - Will produce up to 20 flowers.
  • Size: Each clump will grow to about 4 ft and will produce 5-6" blooms.
  • Shipping: Current shipping estimate is April 2024. See our Dahlia Shipping Policy for more information.

Each Happy Hour Flowers Dahlia Is:

  • 🌱 Healthy and Vigorous: Each tuber is carefully selected for its health and vigor, promoting robust growth and abundant blooms.
  • 🌺 Easy to Grow: Perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, these tubers are low-maintenance and thrive in various growing conditions.
  • 📦 Ready-to-Plant: Shipped with care, our tubers are ready to be planted, bringing joy to your garden in no time.

Each Order Includes:

  • 1 Dahlia Tuber Clump
  • Planting and Care Instructions
Click Here for our Growing Guide

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