pastel violet rainbow anemone
pastel violet rainbow anemone
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Anemone Rainbow Pastel Violet

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10 Corms per order.


Rainbow Pastel VViolet Anemone; Shades of pastel violet unique to this Rainbow. Rainbow Anemone are collected to have the longest bloom time, tons of flowers and tall sturdy stems. These spring bloomers are beautiful in the landscape and long lasting in the vase. Our collection of specialty Anemones have extra long stems for the cutting garden. Up to 20 blooms per corm. Plant in full sun with good drainage. Plant in fall or late winter/ early spring. Perennial in zones 8-10.

  This beautiful selection of Anemone is not only easy to care for but also offers a long-lasting display of colorful blooms. Providing up to 20 blooms per corm, these resilient flowers are sure to bring joy and life to any landscape.


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