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Mistral Tigré Salmone Anemone; Pack of 5

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Anemone Mistral -Tigre Salmone

Pack of 5 Corms

We are so excited about Tigré Salmoné. A new Variety of Italian Mistral Plus Anemone. Tigre is a dark-eyed Anemone with warm pink, peach brushstrokes that concentrate on the center of petals. We LOVE Tigré Vinato and Tigré. Salmoné is a fabulous addition. Every bloom is different. 

 4/5 Corms

Winter Hardy Zone 8-10

Limited Stock!

This is a NEW variety and will sell out.

Why Choose Mistral Plus Anemone Corms?

Italian Mistral Plus Anemone corms are a specialized variety of Anemone flowers, renowned for their unique colors, robust blooms, and superior quality. These corms originate from Italy and are specifically bred to produce larger flowers with a longer stems and long blooming period compared to standard Anemone varieties.

A Florist Favorite!

10-20 Blooms per plant. 

16-24" Stem Length.

- 🌼 Vibrant Blooms: Enjoy a spectacular display of bright, cheerful flowers in your garden.
- 🌿 Easy to Grow: Ideal for gardeners of all levels.
- 🌞 Perfect for Various Climates: Suitable for planting in both spring and fall.


Plant your Anemone corms in early spring or fall. When outdoor temperatures average 55-70 degrees.
Choose a spot with well-draining soil and partial to full sun. 
Loosen the soil to about 6-8 inches deep and mix in compost for better fertility and drainage. Plant the corms 1-2 inches deep with the pointed end down, and space them 3-4 inches apart. 

Overwintering: Winter Hardy Zone 8-10. In colder climates, dig up the corms after the first frost, dry them, and store in a cool, dry place.

See our Grow Guides for more.


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