Single Azzuro Mistral Plus Anemone bloom. White edges with periwinkle center that fades to dark blue.
Single Azzurro Mistral Plus Anemone bloom in process of blooming. White edged petals with periwinkle mids fading to dark blue.
Comparison of Ranunculus and Anemone corms
Five Anemone corms

Mistral Plus Azzuro Anemone; Pack of 10

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Fall Pre-Order

10 Corms per order.

Anemone Mistral Plus Azzuro; Huge, palest light blue deepening to periwinkle with dark purple/black center and long, 10-16” stems.

 For the perfect spring garden, the Azzuro Mistral Plus Anemone is the ideal choice. This stunning blue cut flower will bring color and natural beauty to any outdoor space. Its unique features come together to create a vivid and eye-catching display that will last through the season.

These spring bloomers are beautiful in the landscape and long lasting in the vase. Our collection of specialty Anemones have extra long stems for the cutting garden. Up to 20 blooms per corm. Plant in full sun with good drainage. Plant in fall or late winter/ early spring. Perennial in zones 8-10.


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