Anemone Bianco Centro Nero Mistral
Comparison of Ranunculus and Anemone Corms
5 Anemone Corms
Anemone Bianco Centro Nero Mistral
Anemone Bianca centro Nero
Anemone Bianco Centro Nero Mistral

Anemone Bianco Centro Nero Mistral

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Bianco Centro Nero Mistral Plus Anemone; the color combination we never get tired of and can’t grow enough of.  this flower offers exquisite shades of white and black. Blooming in full sun, it's an excellent choice for brightening your outdoor space. Like all Italian Mistral Plus Anemone this variety has huge blooms, 10-16” stems and is very prolific.

HHF pro tip-Anemone Varieties have different bloom size, stem length and bloom time. We grow 3 varieties of black and white to extend our season. Check out Marianne Panda and Carmel White.

These spring bloomers are beautiful in the landscape and long lasting in the vase. Our collection of specialty Anemones have extra long stems for the cutting garden. Up to 20 blooms per corm. Plant in full sun with good drainage. Plant in fall or late winter/ early spring. Perennial in zones 8-10.

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