About Us

In 2020, when the world seemed to stop, The Happy Hour Flowers was born.

Here's the story...

Mary ordered a floral arrangement from a local business, and fell in love with one of the blooms. After more than a few hours of searching, she found the variety of Peony that she was looking for, but there was a problem. Henry Bockstoce, was not available for purchase at any of the local garden supply stores. Now, normally one may give up and settle for what is available... but not Mary. When she realized that all of the prettiest, most special, varieties of flowers could only be purchased wholesale, she did the most rational thing... Created a business!

Flash forward to today, and Mary's yard now has significantly less grass, and significantly more flowers (not only is it better to look at, but great for the bees and butterflies). Our philosophy is that everyone can, and should, grow unique flowers and plants. Because of that, we are constantly searching for new varieties and flowers that can transform your yard, and let's be honest, your life!

Meet Mary

In 2020, Mary decided to combine her passion for gardening with her love for delicious cocktails, resulting in Happy Hour Flowers!

When she's not playing in the dirt you can find her advocating for sustainable planting, playing with her kittens Bonnie and Fergus (AKA our HR Department), or making a mean cocktail.

Meet Miranda

Miranda joined the HHF team in 2022, after it had become very clear to both Mary and Miranda that this love for flowers was quickly becoming much more than just a hobby.

Day to day you can find Miranda designing our branding, packing and fulfilling orders, making floral arrangements, and taste testing cocktails!

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