Colorscaping with Ranunculus! Peach Fuzz

Growing the Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

In 2024 we are painting with flowers! The new Pantone color of the year is is… Peach Fuzz.

What better way to incorporate this hue into our surroundings than by colorscaping with Ranunculus? Also we just like saying Peach Fuzz😘Peach Fuzz ranunculus garden

Our favorite Ranunculus Varieties

It’s real cold outside! We’re warming up planning our favorite varieties for creating a captivating peach fuzz-inspired landscape:

  • Ranunculus Amandine Salmon: pale coral and salmon pink blooms make these corms exceptional for both cut flowers and landscaping. Ideal for zones 7-10, they provide bunches of blooms from mid-March to June.
  • Ranunculus Butterfly Charis Corms: This sparkling variety features shades of soft apricot and pale orange single blooms, perfect for creating a stunning display in your garden. They are also a favorite for bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, and outdoor spring parties.
  • Ranunculus Half-Clone Tango: In vibrant shades of coral, yellow, gold, mustard, and orange, these corms are the stars of a rainbow garden. With outstanding disease resistance, they can produce up to 20 blooms per plant, making them a cheerful addition to any bouquet.
  • Ranunculus Romance Nohant: With coral, pale salmon, and orange petals, this variety exudes warmth making it an excellent choice for spring bouquets. Each plant can produce as many as 20 blooms and is winter-hardy in zones 8-10.
  • Ranunculus Romance Paradou: Featuring deeper orange petals with a coral gleam, these sunny flowers are perfect for bringing warmth to spring bouquets. Disease-resistant and hardy, they are a captivating addition to any garden or floral arrangement.

Colorscaping with Ranunculus

HHF loves a theme! In spring we are always missing warmth in our bouquets so we are leaning in and planting sunshine. Pantone Peach Fuzz gets a starring role this year with these Ranunculus varieties. Our Monet-inspired cutting garden allows us to paint with nature's own palette.

With their resilience, longevity, and enchanting colors, Ranunculus corms are ideal for both novice gardeners and seasoned flower aficionados. Whether in gardens or as cut flowers, these varieties offer an inspiring way to grow and showcase the color of the year, Peach Fuzz.
Thank you Pantone!

For more information on planting tips and to get these captivating Ranunculus varieties, explore the products here: Ranunculus Amandine Salmon, Ranunculus Butterfly Charis Corms, Ranunculus Half-Clone Tango, Ranunculus Romance Nohant, and Ranunculus Romance Paradou.

Coming soon, Peach Fuzz Dahlia garden!