Ariadne Butterfly Ranuculus Restocked!

What’s up with Ariadne?

You’ve heard that Ariadne is the most beautiful Butterfly Ranunculus and you’re dying to plant some and you can’t find it anywhere. This was us in 2021. 

She’s the Regina George of the Ranunculus world. So pretty yet cruel in her unavailability! We’ve hunted out a few every year and they sell out in days. We are sold out for this year. Sorry! So, what’s the deal? Butterfly Ranunculus are so special and a must have for every cut flower gardener and farmer florist. Why is this one so hard to get? And what can you do?

  1. All Butterfly Ranunculus are grown from tissue cultures which is laborious and slow. It take three years to get a corn to sell.
  2. She’s got a reputation! Much like Café au lait dahlias she has a name that’s gotten around in the flower farmer and florist world. Fun fact; most wholesale flower suppliers don’t share the name of the actual variety to their florists. Just “pink butterfly ranunculus” 
  3. She is a patented variety. This makes it illegal to reproduce corms on your own and farmers must buy new every year. All suppliers limit the amount of Ariadne available to buy causing a frenzy.  
  4. She is in fact, real fancy. Double and triple layers of petals in shades of warm blush pink to almost ivory. Though we have found she is not the most productive. All that fancy takes a toll and all of our other varieties produce more
  5. Yes, Ariadne is on Pinterest. Good News Because of her popularity she now has sisters that have been developed to compliment and accentuate the best traits of Butterfly ranunculus!!!!

What’s a good replacement for the elusive Ariadne? Eris! Check out, Hestia, Melissa, Lycia, Thriva, Musa and Graces

They are so special they deserve to be stars too! And don’t sleep on the warm shades. Most spring colors are pale and cool. We get sick of all the pale and love love love Phytalos and Minoan. Phytalos is a pale bright yellow that goes with everything and is so prolific. Minoan and Charis hover between apricot, orange and coral and they are a fab compliment to pinks and blues. Saving arrangements from looking to sweeet with sunny warmth. 

Europe is a close second in popularity. We sold out of Europe almost as quickly. Europe is a smoky mauve, purple single petal bloom that is very productive. Like Ariadne there are lesser known varieties that are stunning in shades of purple. Thiva our newest favorite! She’s big, she’s shiny, she has tons of petals and she is the best purple ever. Lycia has the same shape as Europe. Lycia is a slightly warmer pink toned purple. We find Lycia one of the easiest to pair with other spring colors.

HHF will continue to hunt down the elusive varieties and if you want  to get first dibs send us a message and join our mailing list. 

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