How and When to Plant Peonies in Zone 7b

Do you Love Peonies?

When we first started dating my fella asked what my favorite flower was. Peonies, of course. He’s had a weekly pop up reminder on his phone for a decade “Peonies”, needless to say we’re obsessed. Peonies are a popular and highly sought-after flower, known for their stunning blooms and delightful fragrance. If you what to grow a garden in Zone 7b Arlington, Virginia, you gotta have peonies! With the right planting techniques and care, you can easily grow these beautiful flowers in your own backyard. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of planting peonies, providing you with all the information you need to grow your own peony bouquet in your cutting garden.

Choosing the Right Variety

Peonies are easy to grow, low maintenance, and deer resistant. Every year we add new varieties and plant more of our absolute favorites. We can’t get enough of: Sarah Bernhardt, the most prolific, fastest bloomer of all. Henry Bockstoce, huge deep red, rose from that totally unique, and Coral Sunset, the sturdiest, most coral-y Coral of the Coral Charm family. In 2023 we will be adding Brother Chuck, Mother’s Choice, Etched Salmon and Alertie

Planting Time

To ensure successful growth, it's important to plant peonies at the right time. They thrive in zones 3-8. The ideal planting time for peonies in Zone 7b, Arlington, Virginia is fall, typically in mid-late October. This allows the roots to establish themselves before winter sets in, resulting in stronger plants and more abundant blooms in the following spring. Peonies must have 1000 chill hours to bloom. 

Preparing the Soil

Peonies thrive in well-drained soil with a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Before planting, prepare the soil by incorporating organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted manure, to improve its fertility and drainage. This will create an ideal environment for your peonies to grow.

Planting Process

Follow these steps to plant peonies:

  1. Choose a sunny location in your garden that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.
  2. Dig a hole that is wide and deep enough to accommodate the peony roots.
  3. Place the peony bare root in the hole, ensuring that the eyes (buds) are facing upwards.
  4. Backfill the hole with soil, gently firming it around the roots.
  5. Water the newly planted peony thoroughly.

Peony Bare Roots (Pre-Order) Peony Bare Roots (Pre-Order). This pre-order package offers 1 Jumbo Bare Root per order, providing you with the opportunity to grow specialty peonies in your garden. We have selection of stunning varieties this season,  including Sarah Bernhardt, Brother Chuck, Henry Bockstoce, Mother's Choice, Alertie, Coral Sunset, and Etched Salmon. Each variety is unique in its specialness; colors, large blooms, or lovely fragrance. Take advantage of this opportunity to add these hard-to-find peonies to your collection and create breathtaking bouquets.

Caring for Your Peonies

Peonies are relatively low maintenance, but a few simple care tips can help ensure their optimal growth:

  • Water your peonies regularly, providing about an inch of water per week, especially during dry spells. Adequate water in June and July is very important!
  • Peonies are slow to start. Real slow. It’s NOT you, most do not bloom year one. They get cooking Years 3-100 
  • Apply a layer of mulch around the plants to help retain moisture and control weeds.
  • Support the tall stems of your peonies with stakes or a peony ring to prevent them from flopping over. 
  • Deadhead the faded blooms to encourage more flowers and maintain a neat appearance.
  • Divide and transplant mature peonies every 5-6 years to prevent overcrowding and promote healthier growth.

You can do it!

With the right planting techniques and care, growing peonies is a great start to a cutting garden. Even if you’re a beginner. These farm faves will add beauty and elegance to your garden for generations. Before you know it you’ll have tons of blooms for stunning bouquets. We have a very limited stock. Don't miss the opportunity to pre-order the Peony Bare Roots package and add these popular and hard-to-find varieties to your collection. Grow along with us and get ready to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of peonies in your very own cutting garden!

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