Create Stunning Spring Bouquets with Pre Order Daffodil Bulbs - The Happy Hour Collection

Plant a Vibrant Spring Bouquet with Pre Order Daffodil Bulbs - The Happy Hour Collection

Are you ready to bring the beauty of spring into your home? Look no further than the Pre Order Daffodil Bulbs - The Happy Hour Collection. With its vibrant colors and delightful fragrance, this collection will transform any space into a stunning floral paradise.

Daffodils are not only easy to grow but also deer resistant, making them a perfect choice for your garden. The Happy Hour Collection offers a mix of daffodil varieties, including pink and white blooms, ensuring a diverse and eye-catching arrangement.

Create Your Own Bouquet

With 20 bulbs per order, you'll have plenty of daffodils to create beautiful bouquets. Here's a simple how-to guide to help you get started:

  1. Select a variety of daffodils from The Happy Hour Collection, including Bridal Crown, Chromacolor, Dick Wilden, Ice King, Petit Four, Pink Charm, Replete, Winston Churchill, Snowboard, and Prosecco (Mini).
  2. Plant the bulbs in well-draining soil, following the instructions provided with your order.
  3. Water the bulbs regularly, ensuring they receive adequate sunlight.
  4. Once the daffodils have bloomed, carefully cut the stems at an angle.
  5. Arrange the daffodils in a vase, mixing different colors and bloom shapes for a captivating display.

Whether you're decorating your home or preparing a bouquet as a gift, the Pre Order Daffodil Bulbs - The Happy Hour Collection will add a touch of elegance and freshness to any space. With their delightful fragrance and stunning colors, these daffodils are sure to brighten your day.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to pre-order your bulbs for fall. Visit the product page now and secure your Happy Hour Collection. Experience the joy of planting daffodils and enjoy the beauty they bring to your home.

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